Intel Publishes Climate Transition Action Plan

Reently, Intel published its Climate Transition Action Plan, detailing the company’s path to reduce its climate footprint. In the editorial below from the Intel Website, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger introduces the report and outlines the company’s commitment to sustainable business practices.


We are in a new era of global expansion where computing power has become foundational to a bigger opportunity and better future for every person on the planet. It has the power to make industries more sustainable and to unlock new solutions in the fight against climate change. We are all participating in an evolving economy enabled by the magic of silicon. These tiny chips are essential to maintaining and enabling our modern lives. And as we continue to discuss exponential growth thanks to Moore’s Law, we also must acknowledge the need to be more sustainable. 

At Intel, we are committed to delivering the silicon that powers our world while driving to the lowest possible environmental footprint. In 2022, I was proud to announce our goal to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions across our global operations by 2040. This year, we took that goal a step further and committed to work with our value chain to achieve net-zero upstream greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Our Climate Transition Action Plan provides the roadmap for how we will achieve these critically important goals. It demonstrates our commitment to integrating sustainability into our core business, building resilience into our operations and value chain, and fostering innovation. Our research teams are thinking a decade or more into the future, and work is already underway to identify greener chemistries, to improve equipment designs and facility systems, and to deliver more energy-efficient products.

Lowering greenhouse gas emissions is one of our industry’s most complicated challenges. As one of the world’s leading semiconductor design and manufacturing companies, Intel is championing collective action to achieve more sustainable computing. This is demonstrated by our founding membership of the Semiconductor Climate Consortium and founding sponsorship of the Catalyze program, a renewable electricity accelerator for the semiconductor supply chain. 

We are proud to lead the semiconductor industry in sustainable manufacturing and innovations in energy efficiency, but we do not underestimate the challenges ahead. We push forward with our purpose at the heart of everything we do — creating world-changing technology that improves the life of every person on the planet. This includes leaving our world a better place for generations yet to come.

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