International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) Launches Myeloma Action Month March 1

The International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) is harnessing the power of myeloma patients, their families, and the myeloma community at large to raise awareness of the disease during Myeloma Action Month (MAM), starting March 1, 2019. In 2009, the IMF was the first organization to declare March as Myeloma Awareness Month. The organization elevated the campaign in 2016 to Myeloma Action Month to encourage a more dynamic, proactive approach.

This year’s proactive approach is highlighted by YOU—Myeloma Warriors. As Dr. Brian G.M. Durie, the IMF’s Chairman of the Board, explains in his “Ask Dr. Durie” video series, a myeloma warrior is a patient, caregiver, friend, or healthcare provider who has a “broad view about myeloma—not just for yourself, but for others in the myeloma community. This broader view is really the hallmark of a warrior.”

With this in mind, the IMF is asking individuals and groups to spread myeloma awareness on a global scale by using the hashtag #myelomawarrior on all social media channels. When using this hashtag to share stories on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, these #myelomawarrior posts will stream to the IMF’s “Wall of Warriors” at the Myeloma Action Month website This website also houses shareable graphics that participants can post on their social media channels.

Also available on the website are signature Myeloma Warrior-branded merchandise, including T-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, wristbands, and hats. The IMF invites everyone to take selfies dressed in these colorful items and post them to their social media channels. Even the simplest action to raise myeloma awareness goes a long way.

Susie Durie, President and CEO of the IMF said, “It’s imperative that we keep myeloma patients around the world up to date on the advances that are happening in myeloma. The IMF is proud that we have brought together doctors and researchers from around the world to work and collaborate together to find a cure. We’re grateful that IMF is able to fund these research projects thanks to our many donors, and to date have funded 40+ research projects around the world. These projects are the largest-scale myeloma studies ever conducted. They include – iStopMM in Iceland, and the ASCENT trial, which is currently accruing in 12 sites in the U.S.”

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