Invisible Cities launches new nationwide project

Invisible Cities, the alternative tour guide company that introduces locals and visitors to some of our greatest urban heartlands, is launching a new nationwide project. 

The social enterprise, which has generally focused on city centres, is now delving deeper into local neighbourhoods and encouraging everyone to discover what is on the doorstep there – from Glasgow’s once-notorious Gorbals slum area to Manchester’s Fallowfield and the inspirational women of Edinburgh’s Leith. 

Zakia Moulaoui Guery, CEO and Founder of Invisible Cities says, “Every year we take thousands of tourists and locals on our tours but, If there is one thing lockdowns have brought us all, it is a new appreciation for our local areas. Until now we have tended to focus on city centres or easily-accessible areas but we have realised that our local areas, neighbourhoods and some lesser-known places are also well worth exploring. 

“As a result, we’ve created Invisible Neighbourhoods and curated a series of fascinating new tours detailing some really interesting facts and locations that will appeal to anyone visiting or living in these vibrant areas.” 

Invisible Cities trains people who have previously experienced homelessness to become walking tour guides of their own city.  Invisible Neighbourhoods, a series of tours, events and products, has been designed by these well-informed guides with support from local communities in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester – with more neighbourhoods in the pipeline. 

In Edinburgh children can discover the stories behind the powerful women of Leith, a port with a dynamic community and rich maritime history.  Through a complete Trail Pack, including a Leith tote bag, activity pack, stickers and colouring pencils, youngsters can learn who these inspirational women were and the extraordinary things they achieved – all while exploring this legendary waterfront.  

In Manchester, consultations with the local community in Fallowfield, traditionally a student area with a diverse population, have helped to shape a brand-new local tour. Shorter in length than usual and free of charge for schools and local organisations, this tour aims to give people an insight into their own neighbourhood. It has been supported by The Manchester Wellbeing Fund and Barratt Homes. 

In Glasgow the focus is on the Gorbals and Lauriston. With support from Urban Union, a walking tour will kick off soon with the possibility of self-guided trails also on the horizon for families to discover this lesser-known part of Glasgow.  

Regular Invisible Cities tours are also available in York and Cardiff. 

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