The Bushra Ali Group Hosts Employment Law Seminar Discrimination and the Menopause

The Bushra Ali Group, founded by Bushra Ali, also Founder and Director of Bushra Ali Solicitors, is holding an employment law seminar on Wednesday 22nd September at 6pm the subject of which is ‘Discrimination and the Menopause’.  This event is the latest in a series of events which highlights their Empowered Women Empowering Women initiatives including Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

Speaking about the event Bushra said, “Many workplaces have little to no policies and procedures in place to recognise the signs and to support staff going through the menopause.  This session aims to enlighten employers about the policies and procedures they should have in place, what best practice looks like and what it can feel like if you are on the wrong side of a lawsuit.  We really want to encourage employers and the work place to be more inclusive, accepting and open to making suitable adjustments for women going through the menopause.  We need to work harder to retain the absolute best staff we have, staff who we can often lose due to not making appropriate adjustments in the workplace to support them and them not feeling comfortable to raise such issues.

“This session will also explore the conversations we as individuals should be looking to have with our employers so that they can ensure they are supporting us in the right way.” 

Confirmed speakers at the event include Barry Harwood – Lawyer at Harwood Law and Jeannette Jackson – Nutritional Biochemist and Sports Scientist who will be leading the session.

The event takes place virtually via Zoom ensuring employers and employees can join from around England and Wales and benefit from the session.  To book your place please email


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