John Legere Throws Down $1.5 million #CleanUpWireless Challenge

T-Mobile recently committed to 100% renewable energy by 2021. They have used this to try and push the other big networks to follow suit. Their lack of action in this direction was deemed not good enough by their CEO and president John Legere.  Today, John is throwing down the gauntlet and kicked off the #CleanUpWireless Challenge. T-Mobile have committed $500,000 to a non-profit dedicated to advancing clean energy initiatives. They have also thrown down the challenge to their two biggest rivals. The company stated: “If one of AT&T or Verizon join us in our commitment by June 1st, we’ll double the total to $1 million. And if both join us? We’ll triple it! That’s $1.5 million dedicated to push forward clean energy.”

T-Mobile continues:   “While the duopoly may not listen to us, they might listen to the will of the people. We’re asking everyone with a passion for clean energy and a healthy planet to make their voice heard.

Go to the Green America “Hang Up on Fossil Fuels” campaign page and let Randall @ AT&T and Lowell @ Verizon know that they should match T-Mobile’s commitment.  

Flood the @AT&T and @Verizon social media accounts with demands that they join T-Mobile to #CleanUpWireless ”

It is a slightly tongue in cheek message but if it has the desired effect and spurs the other big network providers into looking at 100% sustainability then it could make a big difference.


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