July 29th, 2019 Earth Overshoot Day: Corporations’ Long-Term Success Hinges on Their Business Model Being Designed to Support Humanity’s Success

Humans are using natural resources faster than the Earth’s ecosystems can renew them, according to Global Footprint Network, an international research organization that changes the way humanity manages biological resources. In just seven months, we use a year’s worth of food, fiber, timber, and forested land area with the capacity to absorb our carbon emissions. This year, Earth Overshoot Day — when humans have used as much as nature can regenerate in the whole year — falls on July 29 the earliest date yet.

For the last two years, Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, has been working with Global Footprint Network to propose solutions to #MoveTheDate. Research by these two organizations indicates that if 100% of existing building and industry infrastructure was equipped with readily available energy efficiency and renewable energy technology from Schneider Electric could move the date back by at least 21 days. This means that energy retrofits alone could make a difference of three weeks. For added perspective, if we moved Earth Overshoot Day 5 days into the future every year, we will be back to one planet before 2050.

Implications for business 

In 2019, Schneider Electric and Global Footprint Network teamed up to invite business leaders to assess how one-planet prosperity strategies can deliver differentiation and value in the market, while helping the world move from where we are now to where we want to be. Those companies whose business models increase human well-being while also increasing resource security are much more likely to be economically successful in the long-run than those companies that are incompatible with one-planet prosperity and will inevitably face shrinking demand and increasing risks. 

One-planet prosperity is a simple compass to assess companies’ strategies against two questions: “do I operate within one-planet constraints?” and “how do my offers help customers move out of ecological overshoot”. This is one of the findings of the White Paper that will be pre-launched in July 22nd for thought leaders in the field of sustainability to co-create prosperity strategies that can deliver differentiation and value in the market, while helping the world move from where we are now to where we want to be.

Date of tweet chat: July 22nd

Time: 4.00 pm CET (registration not required, just follow #SEMoveTheDate )

About Schneider Electric 

Schneider Electric is leading the Digital Transformation of Energy Management and Automation in Homes, Buildings, Data Centers, Infrastructure and Industries.

With global presence in over 100 countries, Schneider is the undisputable leader in Power Management – Medium Voltage, Low Voltage and Secure Power, and in Automation Systems. We provide integrated efficiency solutions, combining energy, automation and software. 

In our global Ecosystem, we collaborate with the largest Partner, Integrator and Developer Community on our Open Platform to deliver real-time control and operational efficiency.

We believe that great people and partners make Schneider a great company and that our commitment to Innovation, Diversity and Sustainability ensures that Life Is On everywhere, for everyone and at every moment. 

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