JUST Egg and Mythology Deliver a Personal Message to Congress: You’re Failing to Protect the Planet

Many brands seek to send a message on Earth Day, but JUST Egg and Mythology have devised a campaign that delivers it to the right place: directly to the members of Congress who have failed to act on climate change.

As Earth Day approaches, JUST Egg, the plant-based egg brand, will descend on Washington, D.C. with a provocative message: An egg made from plants is doing more to fight climate change than Congress. The campaign combines the mission-driven values of JUST Egg with boldness and courage to speak truth to power and gives consumers a way to take real action by writing to Congress.

To get the urgent message out, JUST Egg partnered with its agency of record, Mythology, on a multi-media, out-of-home, social and experiential guerilla campaign launched on April 11 . 

Calling Out Members of Congress 

With billboards across the D.C. area, social media and a food truck serving JUST Egg meals on Capitol Hill with names like “Ted Cruz’s Cancun Vacation” and “Rick Scott’s Special Interest Sammy,” the campaign makes it personal. It will even feature posters with a QR code over Cruz’s face, directing users to a website where they can write their representatives to demand action on climate change.

Billboards will feature photos of the JUST Egg meals with taglines including “We’ve resorted to a billboard to get Tom Cotton to eat our eggs and finally do something good for the environment” and “So delicious it will make Ted Cruz begrudgingly combat climate change.” 

JUST Egg and Mythology partnered with media agency Known to bring the campaign to life across Washington, DC, with a specific focus on driving maximum impact for the campaign’s message. 

Collaborating to deliver a strong and effective message

“We’re, at best, a handful of years away from a climate tipping point. The message of our campaign isn’t ‘we’re awesome’; it’s to point out the absurdity that somehow a plant-based egg company has done more to help our planet than Congress,” Tom Rossmeissl, head of global marketing at Eat Just, said. “We’re proud to have partnered with Mythology to deliver a fun but still meaningful gut punch to Washington. We’re calling out climate deniers. We’re pushing Congress to prioritize bold climate legislation. And we’re doing what we do best: serving some really good eggs.”

“JUST Egg is one of the very few companies that exists to make sure our kids have a chance at not becoming soldiers in the water wars; they have a right to be confident and real on this topic – and fearlessly call on our representatives to act,” said Audrey Attal, creative director, Mythology. “The issue is too urgent to just check the Earth Day box on the corporate content calendar.”

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