France Parkinson and TBWA\Paris all in poetry for their new film

Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disease after Alzheimer’s disease in France and in the world. However, it remains poorly understood by the public and is still too often associated with tremors alone, which tend to be trivialized when patients are elderly. 

However, people with Parkinson’s don’t just suffer from tremors, but from a multitude of symptoms that greatly hinder their daily lives: slowness of movement, stiffness in the muscles, tremors at rest, sleep disorders, difficulty speaking, concentrating, writing, etc. And they have no choice but to cohabit with the disease, a forced cohabitation that can be burdensome and painful.

While the lack of consideration of the subject in public opinion hampers the mobilization and support needed by the 200,000 people suffering from Parkinson’s in France, France Parkinson and its agency TBWA\Paris wanted to raise public awareness about “the most unknown of all known diseases”.

In a film with a poetic aesthetic and direction, TBWA\Paris and France Parkinson explore the deprivation of freedom of movement through dance, an expression by excellence of the freedom of movement of the body, which is here impeded, …

French knowledge and perception of the disease

  • Only 16% of French people know the prevalence of the disease, which is 1 in 250 adults, affected in France.
  • 83% of the population assimilate Parkinson’s disease to a rare disease while it is the second neurodegenerative disease after Alzheimer’s, in France and worldwide.
  • 77% of French people classify tremor as one of the most common symptoms, while nearly a third of people with Parkinson’s do not.
  • Slow motion, which affects nearly 90% of patients, is cited by only 34% of respondents. 
  • Sensations of stiffness, which also affect the vast majority (85%) of Parkinson’s patients, are cited by only 25% of respondents.
  • 40% of respondents refer to much more specific symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease than Parkinson’s disease, such as disorientation in time and space or loss of memory.

Sources : Opinion Way survey for France Parkinson 2022 and study “Parkinson’s and suffering of life” carried out by France Parkinson in partnership with AAPlus in 2013.

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