JustGiving removes fees for crowdfunding, disasters and major incidents

JustGiving, the world’s leading online giving platform, today announces major changes to its fee structure:

  • JustGiving will not charge platform fees for its popular Crowdfunding product—allowing the site’s 24 million users to use the personal crowdfunding service without paying platform fees—only a third-party processing fee on card payments. JustGiving’s Crowdfunding product allows individuals and communities to raise money for personal causes and receive funds directly.
  • Instead, users will have the option of making a contribution to support the operation of the platform.
  • As a result, more funds raised via the Crowdfunding platform will go to the individuals and communities who use it, making it easier to reach their target. So far, JustGiving Crowdfunding has raised in excess of £150 million—with 500,000 campaigns created for good causes, following the product launch three years ago. Recent examples include Martin Goode, a 48-year old father who suffers from multiple sclerosis who raised £13,000 on the platform to purchase a standing wheelchair, giving him greater independence and Carly Taylor’s campaign to fund treatment for her friend, 23-year old Katherine, raising over £20,000.
  • JustGiving is also removing all platform fees charged on campaigns in response to major incidents, such as acts of terrorism or major disasters in the UK. This will allow users to quickly and safely raise even more money for those most in need following major incidents.
  • JustGiving is consulting with key charity partners to gather feedback on its approach to Gift Aid to ensure the platform continues to best support their needs.

Jerry Needel, JustGiving’s President, said:

“The UK is one of the world’s most generous nations; 24 million JustGiving users have donated an incredible £3.5 billion for charitable and personal causes over the last 18 years.

“We are very proud to announce that from today, people using JustGiving can crowdfund for free. These changes mean our users can raise money for personal causes, using our world- class technology, all without paying a platform fee.

“We also recently released Donation Boost for charities, which has reduced their costs by

70%. We are committed to find even more ways to ensure that JustGiving continues to lead the market with best-in-class in technology and fair fees. Our mission is to grow the world of giving to ensure no good cause goes unfunded.

“Following feedback from our amazing community of fundraisers, we are also announcing that JustGiving will now be free to use following major incidents; including acts of terrorism, catastrophes or natural disasters. We know people want to help those affected as quickly as possible after these events and we want to do everything we can to support that.”

“We are excited about the significant changes we are making and look forward to continuing our work supporting thousands of charities and millions of individuals raising funds for the causes that matter to them the most.”

Peter Lewis, CEO at the Institute of Fundraising said:

“We welcome today’s announcement  from JustGiving. We are pleased to see JustGiving continuing to develop its model and responding proactively to enable donors’ money to go even further, especially at times of major incidents.”

Richard Bray, Vice Chairman at the Charity Tax Group, said:

“We are pleased to be working with JustGiving to consult with the charity sector about how to continue providing and funding a highly efficient Gift Aid service.”

JustGiving launched its crowdfunding product in 2015, allowing individuals and communities to raise money for their own projects and personal causes. Since then it has grown exponentially, with nearly 70,000 crowdfunding causes raising funds last year.

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