Kellogg Company Thanks Partners Around the Globe Who Help Bring Food to the World’s Tables During This Difficult Time

Kellogg Company, responding to the unprecedented pandemic, is releasing a special advertisement to thank the front-line heroes who play an important role in supporting the global food chain.

“During this time of tremendous uncertainty and deep concern, anything that brings us a little comfort or gives us a sense of normalcy is particularly welcome,” explained Steve Cahillane, Chairman and CEO, Kellogg Company. “Right now, sitting down to breakfast is more important than ever. That is why we are thanking everyone around the world who is working so hard to bring food to the table, from the farmers, to the people who make the food, the truckers and the grocery stockers and cashiers who ensure shoppers have safe access to what they need to feed their families, and food bank workers. All of these men and women are everyday heroes who deserve our sincere gratitude and appreciation.”    

Kellogg remains committed to ensuring the health and safety of its employees having shifted thousands to remote work, while implementing carefully considered steps to protect the dedicated front-line workers who make the food, as well as those who get it to the store shelves.

In addition to keeping grocery store shelves stocked, Kellogg is partnering with global food banks to feed those in need. Kellogg and its charitable funds have already donated $7.5 million in food and funds to COVID-19 food relief efforts. 

“As a company that prides itself on having a heart and soul, Kellogg has always considered it a vital responsibility to do all we can to combat global food insecurity. That has been the inspiration for our Better Days purpose platform, which is dedicated to delivering critical nourishment to families when they need it most,” stated Kris Bahner, Senior Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs, Kellogg Company. “And during this health crisis, hunger is especially acute. Our food bank partners have told us they are stretched to the limit. That is why we are donating more food and more money to help. We will continue to evaluate the need and respond as best we can going forward.”

“All of us at Kellogg would just like to say we appreciate and applaud the hard work and selfless dedication of the countless people who are helping get food to those in need across so many local communities,” added Cahillane.

Watch Kellogg’s advertisement thanking everyday heroes in the food industry here and visit to learn more Kellogg Company’s heart and soul.

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