Kellogg’s Better Days® Promise has created Better Days for over 1.8 billion people since 2015

More than a century ago, W.K. Kellogg, the founder of Kellogg Company, started his business with the belief that part of running a good business was doing good for society. Today, that belief lives on with our Kellogg’s Better Days® Promise strategy, which has created #BetterDays for more than 1.8 billion people since 2015.

In 2022, the company evolved its ESG strategy to further focus on the four critical issues on which it can have the biggest impact. By addressing the intersection of wellbeing, hunger, sustainability, and equity, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) to advance sustainable and equitable access to food, Kellogg’s Better Days® Promise aims to create better days for 3 billion people by the end of 2030.

Between 2015 and the end of 2022, Kellogg is proud to have made significant strides toward achieving its commitments, including:

  • 989+ million people nourished by offering delicious, accessible foods that deliver nutrients of need
  • 252+ million people facing hunger fed through food donations
  • 5+ million kids reached through feeding programs
  • 33% absolute reduction in Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions
  • 40.3% of electricity used in 2022 was from renewable sources
  • 76% of packaging is recyclable at scale (in 2021)
  • 45.7% of all manager roles and above globally filled by women. In addition, Kellogg Europe achieved its goal of having 50% male and female representation in all manager roles and above—three years ahead of schedule.
  • 22.7% of all manager roles and above in the U.S. were filled by underrepresented talent
  • 130,000+ hours volunteered in our communities
  • 1 billion people engaged in advocating for sustainable and equitable access to food

Take a deeper dive into our commitments and progress:

“Kellogg’s Better Days® Promise is well entrenched in our business and culture and is central to our company’s growth. It demonstrates to our employees, consumers, customers, investors and others that Kellogg cares about the communities in which we live and operate,” said Kellogg Company Chairman and CEO Steve Cahillane. “The commitment to doing good will carry on as we take the next bold steps in our journey as a company. Whether at Kellanova or WK Kellogg Co, we will continue building on the powerful legacy of Mr. Kellogg and creating a place at the table for everyone.”

Kellogg Company plans to separate into two independent companies, a global snacking business to be named Kellanova and a North American cereal business to be named WK Kellogg Co, by the end of 2023. Each of the future companies will report on their respective environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy and progress separately.

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