LDC Launches Landmark Advertising Campaign To Accurately Reflect Latino Community, Contributions

Latino Donor Collaborative (LDC) announced it is launching a first-of-its-kind, national ad campaign to accurately portray Hispanic Americans and their contributions to society and the nation.

The national advertisement rollout began in the Wall Street Journal. The ads highlight facts, such as the unprecedented growth of Latino-owned businesses, Latinos are the fastest-growing portion of America’s GDP, and the American Latino population is the country’s largest diverse community – and they are youngest segment of the U.S. workforce funding Social Security’s future.

The organization is encouraging people to visit http://thepowerofall.us/ and learn “more eye-popping facts of this extraordinary group of American taxpayers.”

A non-profit organization founded in 2010, the LDC is a non-partisan group comprised of U.S. business leaders working to promote a fact-based depiction of Latinos and their significant, positive impact and role in America’s economy, culture and national leadership.  It was co-founded by Henry Cisneros, former secretary of U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development; and  global telecommunications, media, and cable industry executive Sol Trujillo, and is led by a who’s who of business and civic leaders committed to the organization’s mission: “For America to have a clear and realistic perception of who Latinos are: valued patriotic Americans in all facets of American life.”

“This is the most important initiative ever undertaken to detail, educate and promote the role the Latino community plays in the United States,” said Ana Valdez, executive director, Latino Donor Collaborative. “We’re sharing this information for the betterment all Americans. These fact-based insights provide a more accurate picture of the contributions Latinos make across the U.S. every day and make our country stronger. ”

Among the key points listed in the new advertising campaign are:

  • If the Latino portion of the U.S. GDP were a country, it would be seventh largest in the world today, ahead of India.
  • 70% of the increase in the U.S. workforce between 2010-2015 was due to Latinos.
  • Latino-owned, new business formation skyrocketed 47% between 2007-2012; Non-Latino-owned, new business formation declined by 2% during the same period.
  • The median age of an Hispanic worker is on average, 12 years younger.

LDC’s latest piece of research is the celebrated U.S. Latino GDP Report, the first documentation of Hispanic involvement and impact on the national GDP.  Through research and hard data, the study revealed Latinos have become a driving force in the U.S. economy by boosting the workforce and fueling economic growth.  For instance, the total GDP produced by Latinos was approximately $2.13 trillion in 2015.  Another interesting figure, the Latino portion of the U.S. GDP is projected to be 24.4% by 2020.

“It’s important more people know and understand the positive impact Latinos have on every aspect of American life,” added Valdez.  “Our community is integral and valuable to the entire country and it’s time more people realize this.”





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