M3 Wake Research Partners With RIP Medical Debt To Help Relieve Americans Of $1 Million Of Medical Bills

M3 Wake Research, a national network of clinical investigative sites and one of North America’s largest leading providers of Phase I-IV clinical research trials, donated funds to RIP Medical Debt, a 503(c)(3) non-profit organization that buys and eradicates medical debt for people struggling to pay mountains of medical bills. The sole purpose of RIP Medical Debt is to locate, purchase, and abolish unpaid and unpayable medical debt. Every $100 donated to RIP Medical Debt relieves approximately $10,000 of medical debt.

Wake Research’s debt eradication campaign specifically targets the states where their research clinics are located, which includes North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, California, Nevada, and Arizona.

Each year, 79 million Americans choose between paying their medical bills and basic needs such as food or shelter. For every patient enrolled in a COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial, Wake Research made a donation to RIP Medical debt.

“With these donated funds, we wish to give back to the communities that helped our company conduct vital clinical research this year, especially the COVID vaccine trials and related studies,” states Ella Grach, MD, CEO of Wake Research. “We are happy to make this donation on behalf of the thousands of patient volunteers who made this life-saving COVID-19 research possible in 2020. Thanks to these courageous patient volunteers, our employees, and our affiliated healthcare organizations, the nation now has two COVID vaccines available and being distributed to citizens nationwide,” Grach concludes.

Clinical research trials are currently enrolling for COVID studies and other conditions – for more information about participating in clinical research trials to help further advance medical research and innovation, visit www.covidstudies.org or www.wakeclinical.com.

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