Marriage Unblocked: Now Everyone Can Walk Down The Aisle On Blockchain

Today, love is controlled by states and religions, meaning same-sex marriages are forbidden in 87% of all countries in the world. That’s the background to the initiative Marriage Unblocked – a digital platform where everyone, no matter the label, can propose, exchange vows and get married on the blockchain, anonymously or proudly in public. 

Behind the initiative is the Swedish sports fashion brand Björn Borg. Known for their boundary-pushing campaigns, they are once again taking a stand for love and equality. They recently made headlines with Borg Open – Tennis Across Borders, where they held a tennis match on the U.S. – Mexican border. 

–We believe that sport is love and love is equal. The first basic right is to love whomever you want. With our new platform Marriage Unblocked we can decentralize power and open up marriages for everyone, says Jonas Lindberg Nyvang, Marketing Director at Björn Borg.

The platform makes it possible for anyone, no matter the label, to walk down the aisle digitally, store vows forever and get a certificate of the digital marriage. The campaign is made by the Nordic creative agency NORD DDB.

 – Technology is entwined in every part of our lives. It’s exciting to reimagine how we can use new tech to challenge the limits of our society, together with brave brands like Björn Borg. We hope that launching Marriage Unblocked sends a loud and clear message about marriage equality, especially now during Pride month, says Ida Jonsson, creative at NORD DDB.

Blockchain is a technology that allows you to store information forever, without the involvement of any third parties such as the state or church. The most renown use case is Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency – but blockchain can be used to decentralize any system of power, not only banking. Now Björn Borg uses the same technology to open up marriages for everyone. The digital platform is built by Superblocks, a company that pushes the boundaries of blockchain.

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