MINT pioneers Advertising Resource Management solutions to help brands take full governance of their advertising resources

Global Software-as-a-Service provider MINT has pioneered an entirely new platform category – Advertising Resource Management (ARM) – utilizing AI-powered automation to transform the way brands manage all advertising resources, workflows, and processes. 

While marketing and customer service departments have CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms and finance and operations departments have ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, MINT’s founders identified that there was no equivalent solution for businesses that wanted to achieve greater governance, transparency, and efficiency in all of their advertising operations.

The current proliferation of channels and advertising formats, coupled with changes in  privacy legislation, have contributed to an increasingly complex and fragmented media landscape. As such, the need for a new solution that can consolidate all brand assets has never been greater. The new era of enterprise software is built on four layers, which ARM delivers entirely:

  • Data orchestration : The first step is to collect and process data from the company’s internal and external sources.
  • Automation: Technology is applied to structured data to define and automate the company business processes.
  • AI:  Intelligence can then be used to improve the efficiency of automated processes.
  • Copilot: Large Language Models (LLM) are used to enable natural language interaction with AI, data and processes.

Born to help advertisers meet these challenges, MINT is today a global company that operates in over 30 countries working with multinational brands in the financial, FMCG, automotive and telecom sectors. With 16 channels and more than 400 integrations unified in one platform, MINT’s ARM solution enables efficient end-to-end omnichannel campaign orchestration. From planning to financial reconciliation, it gives instant visibility and full control over all aspects of advertising investments.  

As digital transformation continues to be a top priority for brands, tools such as MINT’s ARM platform enable legacy organizations to compete on a leveled playing field and digital-born brands to advance in their innovation journey. Today, many advertising operations are still carried out manually, with humans doing basic copy and paste jobs and populating spreadsheets. MINT’s ARM offers advertising teams a way to automate these tedious, repetitive tasks, improving speed and unlocking full resource potential.

Having freed up staff to focus on higher-level challenges, MINT’s solutions also support them in their decision making. Powered by AI, the platform provides insights, forecasts, and suggestions, guiding teams to make better-informed decisions more quickly to optimize campaigns and reach KPIs. 

For example, one telecommunications organization that implemented MINT’s ARM solutions was able to improve its advertising performance – reducing its cost per acquisition (CPA) by 60% – while increasing process governance and team efficiency, enabling it to manage a $3.5m budget per FTE (full-time equivalent) compared to the industry benchmark of $1.6m. 

“Rather than replacing human thinking, advances in automation and AI can support staff to make better decisions that help advertisers achieve their goals and objectives,” said Andrea Pezzi, CEO of MINT. “MINT’s ARM platform gives advertisers the ability to unlock the full potential of their workforce. In this context, technology is the co-pilot, not the autopilot.”

For more information about how MINT’s orchestration technology is helping brands take full control of all their advertising activities, click here.

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