Mission To Save Mount Diablo Inspires 10,000 Trees Project

The Save Mount Diablo land trust and conservation organization is turning donations into trees to protect Mount Diablo’s peaks and surrounding foothills. The San Francisco Bay area nonprofit is in the beginning stages of its 10,000 Trees project, aimed at combating climate change through habitat improvement and restoration.

“Through Save Mount Diablo’s land conservation mission, we are doing various things to address the climate crisis,” said Ted Clement, Save Mount Diablo’s Executive Director. “We are protecting more at-risk open space lands, so that these natural carbon sinks are conserved as such and not turned into more development. We are educating students and others about the climate crisis and empowering them with positive actions they can take.”

The project will also contribute to creating a more resilient, fire-resistant landscape. The organization plants California native, drought-resistant plants and trees from seed or from certified nurseries. To date, they have planted 1,500 trees. They expect it to take ten years or less to plant and care for 10,000 trees and plants.

Since 2010, Marathon has given more than $200,000 to support Save Mount Diablo’s work in California. One of the grants for $20,000 paid for one year of tree planting, which includes the cost of the trees and materials plus staff time for planting and watering.

“We believe in this organization’s ability to bring positive change to our environment,” said Nichol Carranza, Advanced Community Investments Rep. at Marathon’s Martinez Renewable Fuels facility in the bay area. “Marathon is committed to protecting biodiversity and supporting organizations that do this important work. Our partnership with Save Mount Diablo demonstrates our commitment to environmental education and sustainability.”

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