United Rentals Launches Total Control® Emissions Tracking to Help Customers Advance Sustainability Strategies

United Rentals, Inc. has announced a new data-driven solution in its cloud-based Total Control® fleet management platform that helps to provide information customers can use as part of their programs to monitor and manage their environmental impact. With Total Control Emissions Tracking, companies can create estimated GHG and engine emissions reports based on the rental equipment they use, which could help advance their sustainability strategies.

Total Control Emissions Tracking is designed to help customers measure and evaluate the environmental footprint of their rental equipment. It provides customers insights that can lead to informed decision-making on how they can make fleet and utilization changes to decrease equipment emissions. The digital solution captures telematics-based equipment engine time usage data, fuel type, and more. It uses published emission factors to estimate GHG and source pollutant emissions such as nitrous oxides, carbon monoxide, and particulate matter, which customers are then encouraged to verify for compliance reporting purposes.

“We are focused on delivering tangible innovations that support our customers’ sustainability efforts,” said Tony Leopold, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Digital at United Rentals. “This new Total Control solution will help customers monitor and manage their emissions which will help build a cleaner economy.”

United Rentals is focused on both its own environmental footprint as well as helping customers. The company has set a goal to reduce its GHG emission intensity by 35 percent by 2030, from a 2018 baseline, in addition to several other environmental, social, and governance goals recently outlined in its Corporate Responsibility Report.

“As the industry leader, we recognize our responsibility, and the opportunity, to help reduce global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions,” said Joli Gross, Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary at United Rentals. “We are committed to finding innovative and eco-conscious ways for ourselves and customers to Work United™ build a better, more sustainable future together.”

Total Control Unlocks Smarter, More Sustainable Worksites

With equipment rentals at its core, United Rentals’ business model inherently helps reduce emissions by eliminating the need for customers to purchase their own equipment. The Total Control platform provides a solution to help companies build a smarter worksite by managing both their owned and rented equipment – helping to reduce annual equipment costs by up to one third, and track and monitor fleet.

Existing Total Control sustainability-driven capabilities include allowing customers to track engine hours and use that information to help reduce engine idling and improve compliance with company idling policies. The solution also tracks equipment utilization that helps users right-size fleets, which can conserve natural resources. Included among the equipment that companies can manage with Total Control are aerial work platforms, compressors, earthmoving equipment, light towers and generators, skid steers, track loaders, and more.

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