Mission Unstoppable Launches #StaySafeForScience

Litton Entertainment’s Mission Unstoppable, in partnership with Lyda Hill Philanthropies®, IF/THEN® Initiative, will launch #StaySafeForScience, a new pro-social digital campaign designed to generate awareness and youth engagement for best public health practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.

#StaySafeForScience will include a social media call to action entitled, the #StaySafeForScience Challenge, which will run on Instagram and Twitter. To support the science community and further COVID-19 relief efforts, Lyda Hill Philanthropies will donate $1 for every tweet or Instagram filter shared using #StaySafeForScience up to $250,000.

All funds raised through the #StaySafeForScience Challenge will be donated in equal parts to the CDC Foundation and Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security at the Bloomberg School of Public Health to support both organizations’ leading science-based efforts related to the pandemic.

The campaign will also include a PSA featuring Mission Unstoppable host Miranda Cosgrove, and AAAS IF/THEN Ambassadors, all female STEM leaders. The PSA will debut on CBS on May 9, 2019.

Mission Unstoppable airs on CBS’ Saturday morning programming block “CBS Dream Team” and presents women STEM role models in a fun and innovative way to educate and inspire the next generation of STEM pioneers.

“Kids are spending more time on their social platforms than ever before and #StaySafeForScience gives them an opportunity to get involved and make an impact while also learning how to stay safe during the pandemic crisis,” said Nicole Small, CEO of Lyda Hill Philanthropies® and co-founder of the IF/THEN® Initiative. “We are excited to partner with Litton Entertainment to support the CDC Foundation and Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security at the Bloomberg School of Public Health.”

“Each of us can make a difference in the COVID-19 fight,” said Judy Monroe, MD, president and CEO of the CDC Foundation. “We are excited for this social media campaign to spread knowledge about public health practices youth can take to protect themselves, their family and friends, and their communities from COVID-19. And, we appreciate the generous support of Lyda Hill Philanthropies to the CDC Foundation that will help advance critical COVID-19 response efforts.”

The #StaySafeForScience Challenge asks participants to tweet their answers to the statement: “IF we #StaySafeForScience, THEN (FILL IN THE BLANK). For example, “IF we #StaySafeForScience, THEN we can count the total number of cases.”

The #StaySafeForScience campaign will be shared via Mission Unstoppable’s Instagram and Twitter — @CBSUnstoppable — where audiences will be encouraged to interact with STEM influencers and experts and share messages of solidarity for public health awareness. The campaign will also feature customized augmented reality filters, GIF stickers with CDC recommendations, and Instagram Story activities including emoji challenges and #StaySafeForScience games.

In addition, Mission Unstoppable will also feature Instagram Live sessions every Saturday in May at 12 noon PT/3pm ET to provide teens with a forum to interact with STEM influencers and science community experts on relevant topics.

#StaySafeForScience will also be featured on The Daily Splash, Litton Entertainment’s online hub providing kids and families free access to hundreds of half-hours of Emmy-award winning content. The Daily Splash allows teens to participate in Mission Unstoppable DIY experiments and #StaySafeForScience challenges.

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