Most Loved Workplaces® for LGBTQ+ 2024

Most Loved Workplaces®, and Newsweek have launched Most Loved Workplaces® for LGBTQ+ 2024. I enclose their comments and link to the list here:

At Most Loved Workplaces®, we understand that a fulfilling work experience goes far beyond just a paycheck and benefits. It’s about fostering an environment that truly inspires and empowers all employees. That’s why we’re proud to present the 2024 Most Loved Workplaces® for LGBTQ+.

This list recognizes exceptional organizations around the globe – companies operating internationally – who champion LGBTQ+ inclusion. We celebrate their commitment to creating a workplace culture where LGBTQ+ employees not only feel respected and valued, but can thrive and be their authentic selves.

These esteemed organizations have earned the Most Loved Workplaces® for LGBTQ+ distinction because their success hinges on a diverse and thriving workforce. This group represents a vast array of industries, from industry-leading tech giants to smaller, community-focused businesses. Despite their differences in size and scope, they all share a unifying mission: building a workplace where LGBTQ+ employees are celebrated and empowered to contribute their full potential.

As the leader in organizational culture development and analysis, Most Loved Workplaces® meticulously curated this list. We honor these LGBTQ+ inclusive workplaces – a testament to the leaders, innovators, and allies who are shaping a more equitable future of work. These outstanding organizations are not only setting the standard for LGBTQ+ inclusion, but also raising the bar for workplaces everywhere.

They serve as a beacon, demonstrating that when LGBTQ+ employees are valued, respected, and celebrated, the potential for innovation and growth knows no bounds. Join us in applauding these trailblazers who showcase the power of an inclusive and LGBTQ+-affirming culture as a cornerstone of success for global businesses. For further details on our selection criteria and the recognized companies, visit our Information Page.

The full Newsweek list of organisations is included here.

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