MS Awareness Week 2018 Celebrates People Living with MS Doing Whatever It Takes

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society celebrates the strength and resiliency of people living with MS by telling their #ThisIsMS stories in a new campaign that will launch during MS Awareness Week, March 11 – 17.

People like Jessica, diagnosed in 2012, who rises to the challenge of her MS, “MS is a beast, but so am I.” Or Chloe, diagnosed in 1998, who describes it like this, “MS is brutal, MS isn’t fair, MS is harsh; but MS is also a great teacher.”

Multiple sclerosis and the MS movement become better known each year, but more must be done to spread the word. By sharing these stories, the National MS Society helps people to better understand life with MS and become inspired to change the world for people living with the disease.

The National MS Society will showcase these powerful stories through a series of compelling videos.

“Every day, people living with MS do whatever it takes to move their lives forward,” said Cyndi Zagieboylo, President and CEO of the National MS Society. “They work, have families, advocate for themselves and others with the disease. Their strength, courage and resiliency inspire us in our work to end MS forever.”

The Society is encouraging people to do whatever it takes to help people living with MS during MS Awareness Week, and throughout the year. An easy way to get involved is through Walk MS. This national walk series unites more than 300,000 people at over 400 locations to help end MS. Visit to learn more and register.

Multiple sclerosis is an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system that interrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body. Symptoms range from numbness and tingling to blindness and paralysis. Most people with MS are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50, with at least two to three times more women than men being diagnosed with the disease. MS affects more than 2.3 million worldwide.

The National MS Society mobilizes people and resources so that everyone affected by multiple sclerosis can live their best lives as we stop MS in its tracks, restore what has been lost and end MS forever. We are united in our collective power to do something about MS now and end this disease forever. Learn more at

Beginning on March 11, people can explore the stories of people living with MS and share to show the world #ThisIsMS at


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