Space for Giants Launch #MarchforGiants Campaign

One third of Africa’s elephants have already been lost.  Starting March 8th, #MarchforGiants – a personalized virtual herd of elephants – will travel across social media platforms and digital billboards around the globe to raise awareness.

Joanna Lumley and Ricky Gervais have joined thousands adding their support. Joanna Lumley said: “This year, March for Giants presents a one-of-a-kind opportunity for people everywhere to make their voice heard. It is a truly transformative moment for the conservation of Africa’s elephants and their habitats.”

Individuals and corporations can adopt customizable elephants that will grow the herd in force and numbers. Each sponsor will receive high-resolution images of their giant to share on social media. Each giant’s journey will be documented by state of the art interactive technology that tracks and relays location information back to its sponsor. 

Individual sponsorships are available for a £5 /$7 donation – which will protect an elephant in the wild for a month. Corporations can sponsor an elephant embossed with their logo for £5000/$6500, which will protect an elephant for its lifespan. #MarchforGiants launched March 5th and culminate at a conservation summit in Botswana on March 17th.  The herd will carry a petition to the summit, signed by more than a million people, demanding that Europe close its ivory market.  

Max Graham, Space for Giants‘ CEO, said: 

“There have been a number of huge gains in the fight to protect elephants. China and the US have banned trading in ivory. Poaching is back to precrisis levels in East Africa. This is all amazing, and we deserve to be celebrating.  

“But there’s a danger here we could become complacent. Poaching is not over. Elephant habitats are not secure. The job is not finished. Joining the global movement that is the March for Giants is a way loudly to add your voice to thousands of others demanding we all keep the pressure up against poaching. 

“Seeing that level of global support at their backs as they take the crucial next steps to secure elephant populations forever will be a huge encouragement to Africa’s leaders at the Summit.”  

#MarchforGiants screen space is donated by Ocean who formed The Alliance, a network of like-minded global digital out of home media owners who can offer both full motion imagery and integrated technology in their screens, allowing campaigns such as March for Giants to have global reach.

The original #MarchforGiants concept came from London-based creative agency 18 Feet & Rising. The state-of- the-art technology to create the experience was made by digital studio Popped. Freefolk provided 3D expertise. provided realtime distribution across the big screens. 


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