M&S Podcast: New episode featuring supermodel David Gandy

Marks & Spencer (M&S) have launched their fifth Podcast which talks about sustainability.

David Gandy speaks to M&S about his capsule tailoring collection, designing more sustainably and buying to last.

In the latest M&S Podcast, Rachel Silver speaks to British supermodel and menswear style icon David Gandy, M&S’ Ambassador of Tailoring who has his own successful line of underwear and loungewear and most recently his first ever capsule tailoring collection; and James Doidge, M&S’ Head of Menswear Design, who leads a team of designers and worked closely with David on his newly designed tailoring items.

Listen to the Podcast here or download here on iTunes.


Hosted by Rachel Silver

Researched by Daniel Himsworth and Charlotte Allport

Original music: “Blue” by Rose Betts (Vocalist) and Manon Dave (Producer)

Produced and edited by Kevin Fasusi, Podraffi

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