Museum of Brands launches When Brands Take a Stand Exhibition

The Museum of Brands launches a new exhibition, When Brands Take a Stand, on 10 March 2020. The exhibition and accompanying series of talks present some of the most inspirational and debated advertising campaigns that take a stand for causes such as diversity, inclusion, environmentalism, health, wellbeing and human rights.

Brands and advertising have the power to influence society. They affect the way we see ourselves and how we engage with others and the world we live in. When large brands and businesses take a stand on societal and political issues, it resonates strongly with consumers; often positively but sometimes negatively. What happens when a frozen food brand takes a stand against palm oil production, a sports brand fights for equal rights, or a chocolate brand celebrates LGBTQ+ pride?

When Brands Take a Stand presents TV commercials, posters and packaging to function as a platform for these questions. The evening talks are delivered by leading figures in the sector, including advertisers, journalists and researchers.

Chris Griffin, CEO at the Museum of Brands says, “We present the debate between brands, people, culture and society, and how these interact with each other. Brands and advertising agencies have a platform to influence, and with that comes responsibility. This initiative dives into these complex relationships.”

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