Swipe Right with Stamma this Valentine’s Day

National charity Stamma has launched its first Valentine’s Day campaign with a series of typographical illustrations for people to share that they stammer when on dating apps and social media. The campaign, created by VMLY&R, aims at changing perceptions.

and raises awareness of how people’s stammering can impact their love life

The charming and tongue-in-cheek illustrations reveal that the individual has a stammer in a way the charity feels will empower individuals. Illustrations can be downloaded from stamma.org where there will also be articles on dating, love and romance, from the perspective of people who stammer.

  • 55% of people who stammer feel stammering has negatively impacted their love life
  • 99% have felt ashamed of their stammer at some point

Jane Powell, CEO, Stamma, say: “It is up to each person who stammers to decide if they want to disclose their stammer and how they do it, but we hope these illustrated messages will help.”

We hear concerns from our members that having a stammer is something to be hidden, especially when it comes to dating or making good first impressions. We want to challenge that, and give people who stammer and those who don’t, something to consider.”

Daniel Liakh & Josh Croston, Creative, VMLY&R UK, add: “One of us stammers, the other doesn’t. But, the opportunity to make the world of online dating slightly less stressful and confusing was too good to miss for both of us.”

As part of the campaign, Stamma is also asking individuals to show some love by signing up to become a member. The first 100 people who sign up in February will receive a limited-edition printed version of one of the illustrations.

VMLY&R worked with illustrators Al Murphy, Alex Tait, Biff, and Dan Woodger to create this campaign.

The Valentine’s Day campaign kicks off the relationship between Stamma and VMLY&R, who have a joint ambition to raise awareness for issues surrounding stammering, and empowering people who stammer across many aspects of their lives.

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