NET Urges Charities Helping BAME Communities to Apply for Funding

The National Emergencies Trust is encouraging more UK charities that support BAME communities to apply for funding from its Coronavirus Appeal, as emerging independent research shows BAME communities are at significantly heightened risk from COVID-19.

In the seven weeks since launching its Coronavirus Appeal, the Trust has received more than £60m in pledges and, through its partnership with the UK Community Foundations network, already distributed more than £30m of this to a diverse range of grassroots charities.

The central aim of the National Emergencies Trust is to distribute funds as quickly as possible to help those in urgent need, which is why it wants to encourage applications from charities that are supporting hard hit BAME communities.

Supporting Charities Across The UK

Jehangir Malik, Founder Trustee of the Muslim Charities Forum, Co-Optee of the National Emergencies Trust and Chair of its Equity Working Group, said: “Thanks to the generosity of corporate donors, major charitable trusts, and individuals, we have already been able to support 4,000 charities across the UK serving diverse communities and needs. Our focus is getting funds to those who need them the most as quickly as possible, which is why we want to encourage applications from charities supporting BAME communities.

“It’s becoming clear that these communities are at heightened risk from COVID-19, so it’s crucial that they are aware of, and can access, the support on offer. I would like to urge relevant charities to contact their local Community Foundation who can help them to apply for National Emergencies Trust funding. In many cases, approved grants are being made available within a week.”

Sandwell African Women Association (SAWA)

Sandwell African Women Association (SAWA) near Birmingham is one of the charities supporting BAME communities that has received funding from the Trust in recent weeks. It provides emergency support to elderly women who are at high risk of contracting coronavirus, or those who are adversely affected during lockdown. The organisation provides food supplies and essential items, and raises awareness about how to protect yourself from the virus.

Mamy M Zozo, a member of the SAWA team, said: “The application length was fair and right to the point. The grant panel was very active and fast in responding to appeals. The fund landed in our account three days after the grant panel made its decision.”

To view video and images of SAWA at work in its local community, click here.

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