New ACLU Ad Campaign Urges Congress to Ensure Universal Access to COVID-19 Testing and Treatment

The American Civil Liberties Union launched a new five figure digital ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, and North Carolina urging members of Congress to ensure access to COVID-19 testing and treatment for everyone in the United States, regardless of immigration status. The ads, targeting Sens. McSally, Sinema, Rubio, Stabenow, Peters, and Tillis and Rep. Pallone, remind the members that until all of us are covered, all of us are at risk for COVID-19. 

Each bill that Congress has enacted has left tens of millions of people without access to COVID-related testing and treatment — many of them are “essential” and frontline workers, including immigrants. The House prioritized this issue in its passage of the Heroes Act. The Senate must also prioritize the health of the people in America by  ensuring testing and treatment for everyone, regardless of immigration status. The ads follow a letter sent to the Senate by the ACLU last week. The ACLU is calling on its members and the constituents of these members to demand that their health is prioritized. 

The following is a statement from Yesenia Chavez, policy analyst and campaign  lead for the ACLU: 

“Currently, there are 1.7 million immigrant health care workers caring for COVID-19 patients. One-quarter of all health care workers are immigrants, and tens of millions of immigrants contribute daily to our country on the front lines as grocery store employees, farmworkers, caregivers, hospital employees, and so much more. Yet, many of our country’s immigrants — both documented and undocumented — who are putting their lives on the line and risking their health with constant exposure, have been left out of access to COVID-19-related testing and treatment. 

“This omission is unconscionable and irresponsible. It also puts immigrant workers in an impossible position: many are without cash assistance, even if they pay their taxes, and are risking their lives for us, while simultaneously not having access to testing and treatment. It puts all of our health at great risk. The Senate must act swiftly to ensure access to testing and treatment for everyone: All of our lives are at stake.” 

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