New apparel line seeks a PARDON for convicted Canadians

With recreational cannabis use becoming legal this month, a new clothing and accessories line is supporting approximately half a million Canadians who received minor convictions for possession under the old laws.

Developed by B.C.-based licensed cannabis producer DOJA in association with Toronto agency Juliet the new PARDON line is comprised of six products:  T-shirts, sweaters, a stash bag, a candle, a one-hitter and papers.

Prices for the products range from $10 to $60, with 100% of the proceeds going towards Cannabis Amnesty – a non-profit organization working to have the criminal records of the approximately 500,000 Canadians convicted for non-violent cannabis possession expunged.

“Partnership with Cannabis Amnesty is a natural fit for DOJA,” says company founder Trent Kitsch. “We care about community and as we get closer to cannabis legalization, the amazing work the organization is doing is increasingly important. The prohibition of this plant has comprised the health and happiness of many individuals, and it’s time for it to end.”

“Everyone is jumping on the cannabis bandwagon as legalization approaches, but very few are acknowledging what happened before that,” adds Juliet co-founder, chief creative officer Ryan Spelliscy. “We created Pardon to help right past wrongs.”

Buying the products not only provides Cannabis Amnesty with the necessary financial support, but spreads the PARDON message to advocates. “It helps start conversations and raise awareness, potentially getting more people involved in this important effort,” says Spelliscy.

Working with DOJA, Juliet developed the product line and the website, where visitors can view and purchase products and sign a petition urging the government to take action. The goal is to collect 10,000 signatures to bring about change.

Even though recreational cannabis becomes legal on Oct. 17, Canadians convicted of non-violent cannabis possession could still face obstacles when it comes to travelling outside of Canada, finding employment, renting a home or even volunteering.

The product launch is also being supported by an influencer marketing program developed by the PR firm Com.motion.

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