New Arbor Day Foundation Report Details Importance of Investment in Voluntary Carbon Market

A new report summarizing the Arbor Day Foundation’s 2023 learnings and observations of the voluntary carbon market concludes that investment in the voluntary carbon market is key in addressing the climate crisis.

“The voluntary carbon market is fast-paced and requires regular analysis so corporate investors can make better-informed decisions. Our team of experts is deeply in tune with the market and its players,” said Dan Lambe, chief executive of the Arbor Day Foundation. “As this report explains, corporate investment in carbon credits is not just about offsetting emissions. It’s about expanding the effect of trees in the regions that need it most.”

The report explores the Foundation’s most recent learnings in the market including barriers to carbon supply, the impact on demand, and the prevalence of rating agencies and insurance companies. The 2023 review also details the Arbor Day Foundation’s specific approach to due diligence and ensuring equitable benefits for landowners in carbon credit projects.

“Our team holds itself to a high standard of rigor because trust in the voluntary carbon market is paramount to the impact this mechanism can have on people and the planet,” said Jeremy Manion, managing director of carbon markets.

The Arbor Day Foundation’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Arbor Day Carbon, leverages people and partnerships to accelerate the impact of forestry through the vetting, funding and selling of carbon credits. The Foundation’s team of experts has helped hundreds of corporate leaders advance their climate goals by connecting them with forestry carbon project developers. More than five million carbon credits have been transacted through the Arbor Day Foundation, and more than 500 million trees have been planted.

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