New Australian campaign targets young adults more likely to drink excessively

Binge drinking as a rite of passage to adulthood is progressively becoming an outdated concept. A new study from DrinkWise, however, shows of Australians who drink, it is young adults who are still drinking most excessively, consuming five or more standard drinks on a night out (21%), compared to 16% of all other age groups.

Though alarming and too high, the study shows an encouraging sign of more responsible attitudes, with this number reducing from 31% to 21% over the past two years.

Looking between the genders, it’s young male adults who are driving up the average, with one in four (25%) admitting to drinking in excess on a night out, vs. one in five young female adults (18%).

When asked about their attitudes towards drinking, the most common themes that were significantly higher when compared to the general drinking population included “I sometimes drink until I’m drunk” (49% vs. 27%) and “there are times I’ve drunk more than what I’ve really wanted to try because I was keeping up with others around me” (44% vs. 36%).

Additionally, almost half of 18-24 year olds (44%) sometimes regret what they have done when drinking, with some of the biggest concerns being the risk of vomiting (26%), making a fool of themselves (24%) and drunk texting or social media posting (14%).

Off the back of the study, DrinkWise has today launched ‘The Internet Remembers’ campaign, which will see a collection of unsophisticated drinking moments from the internet bought to life across the country via a series of augmented reality (AR) displays in bars, via social media and throughout city centres.

DrinkWise CEO, Simon Strahan said,

The fact that young adults see vomiting and making a fool of themselves as a greater risk from excessive drinking than their long-term health means we need to take an innovative approach to our moderation message.”

“We’re very aware of the importance of social media to young adults and the time they spend curating their profiles online, all of which can be destroyed from too many drinks and an embarrassing moment, which once on the internet, will be around long after the hangover is gone.”

“In conjunction with ongoing campaigns, this augmented reality experience will support our aim of a healthier and safer drinking culture and provide a timely reminder, particularly to young adults, about the risks of excessive drinking.”

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