New Charity Learn and Thrive Launches

Newly charity Learn and Thrive launched in March and offers the first free educational online platform for young people with Down’s syndrome aged 0-18 with a key focus on building healthy relationships and life skills. Their website states:

We are a new charity supporting learners with Down’s syndrome to access free, specialist support to help them learn and thrive. We use digital tools to give access to vital learning to a whole generation of people with Down’s syndrome who struggle to access the support they need to thrive. Covering the whole of the UK and beyond, we’re passionate about our community, and are very present and connected to those that need our support in person. 

However, throughout the Pandemic, like a lot of people, we recognised the benefits of online learning and how it could support our wider community. When most schools and educational institutions shut their doors for home-teaching, it became clear that our tools could be used alongside existing learning across the UK, to benefit and empower people with Down’s syndrome and their parents or guardians. Moving forward, we’ve identified that educational bodies also find it useful, now that their doors are once again open!

New Website

This quick expansion of support meant that we were able to design and launch a new website that makes accessing our resources as quick and easy as possible. Having worked with Black Flake Design throughout, we’re really pleased to be able to go that extra mile for accessibility and new content in the support of the Down’s syndrome community.

Teach Me Too

As a charity, we’ve recently taken over Teach Me Too, having originally been produced by 21 Together in June 2020. It is currently run as a partnership project with Learn and Thrive and 21 Together. It’s funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, hence its non-existent price tag for use! Teach Me Too is a free online library of short educational videos and learning resources, designed for early years and key stage 1 aged children with Down’s syndrome. The digital tools work best with adult support and allow for the continuation of learning at home or school. If you would like to sign up, you can do so here. We are pleased to announce that new Teach Me Too content and new content for older children and young people (Learning for Life) will be hitting the website soon! 

New Project Alert

Throughout the continued success of Teach Me Too, we’ve recognised the need for free support and empowerment for primary and secondary school-aged children too… Introducing Learning For Life. A brand-new project, we’re just completing the final touches before the highly anticipated launch! It provides resources and helpful videos around personal health, emotions, relationships, and appropriate behaviour. The first 10 videos are due to drop soon so don’t hesitate to sign up to be the first to know.

We’re really pleased to be growing at the rate that we are, in order to support and empower the Down’s syndrome community as much as we can. If you would like to sign up for general news and updates, we’d love to add you to the list! Simply sign up via our website here.

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