New Gillette Partnership Helps to Empower the Next Generation of Men Through the Power of Sport

Gillette, the world’s leading expert in men’s grooming, announced today a new partnership with the National Basketball Youth Mentorship Program (NBYMP). The partnership aims to help boys in Canada grow into the best men they can be by providing more access to positive role models and fostering the confidence-building benefits many youth experience when playing basketball. With Gillette’s support, NBYMP is poised to power its in-person mentorship events and workshops, virtual mentorship services, and its youth education in underserved communities in more ways than ever before.

“At Gillette, it’s our goal to provide the men of today and the men of tomorrow with the tools they need to be their best selves,” said Kimberly Legg Brand Director, Grooming Canada at P&G. “We are looking forward to supporting NBYMP as they continue to provide youth in Canada with access to positive role models both on-and-off the basketball court.”

According to NBYMP, positive role models can play a significant role in lives of youth by guiding and supporting them along their paths. No matter the type of relationship a role model has with a youth — be it a parent, an extended family member, an older sibling, a coach, a teacher, a mentor — the impact is undeniable.

A recent survey by Gillette helps illustrate the positive impact role models can have on young men.

  • 84% of young men say having a role model can help them become a more caring person
  • 86% of young men believe a role model can help them be themselves
  • 76% of young men who have a role model agree they’re confident about their future

“Our goal at NBYMP is to positively impact the lives of youth in Canada and to give back to the next generation,” said Kevin Wilson, Founder and President of the NBYMP. “We are thrilled to have Gillette as a partner. Through this partnership, we plan to expand our mentorship and education services across Canada and reach even more Canadian youth.”

Continuing Gillette’s support for basketball in Canada

Gillette is the official shave and beard care partner of the Toronto Raptors and has celebrated the partnership since 2022 with the ‘Choose Your Game Face’ campaign. ‘Choose Your Game Face’ highlights that the choice between a clean-shaven look, bearded, or wearing a style in between, is part of the decision men face every day when they’re preparing to be the best version of themselves.

‘Choose Your Game Face’ features Toronto Raptors players Gradey Dick and Gary Trent Jr. – both of whom believe in the positive impact that role models can have on the next generation.

“My dad has been my mentor my whole life. He ingrained in me that you have to put in the extra work and go the extra mile to get to where you want to be,” said Gary Trent Jr. “It made a big impact on my life, and I believe all boys should have access to mentorship to help them be their best selves.”

“Being a positive role model for my community is very important,” said Gradey Dick. “Any platform that I have, I’m going to use it to give back.”

Bringing Gillette’s global ambition to Canada

For more than 120 years, Gillette has been committed to helping men look, feel and be their best. This goes beyond products. Gillette has the ambition to positively impact millions of boys through the power of role models. By working with partners, including NBYMP in Canada, Gillette is enabling meaningful connections and introducing the next generation of boys to the benefits of mentorship.

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