New Innovative Credit Facility for Artisanal Fishers Launched in Belize

In an effort to promote sustainable fishing and stronger stewardship of Belize’s rich marine environment, the Government of Belize and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have announced they are joining forces with the Development Finance Corporation of Belize and Wildlife Conservation Society to establish a pilot program to support licensed artisanal fishers through loans tailored to their needs. In response, Chris Holtz, WWF-US vice president for Earth for Life said:

Successful ocean conservation in Belize depends on sustainable livelihoods for fishers as much as long-term fisheries protection. By partnering with Belize’s Development Finance Corporation, we will support licensed fishers to invest in the gear and practices to fish more sustainably. The Artisanal Fishing Loan pilot is more than just a loan product co-designed with fisherman. It is a package of support that includes training in financial literacy, fisheries management, and data collection methods. As the test case for including this type of development finance in a Project Finance for Permanence initiative, WWF is excited for the potential opening up of new financing options for both community livelihoods and conservation.”

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