New platform Tythe launches, allowing donors to support up to nine high impact environmental charities with a single subscription

This month sees the public launch of Tythe, a new nonprofit initiative from The EQ Foundation.

Through a single monthly subscription, people can donate to a curated list of nine high impact environmental projects. Donations are matched 1:1 and the outputs of each subscription are quantified, so donors can track their impact.

Tythe breaks down the barriers to donating, by presenting an expertly sourced and validated collection of trusted charities, each chosen for its impressive history and groundbreaking innovation. People can pick the charities they want to support and customise how their donation is split. Donations are managed through a single subscription and for the first three months, The EQ Foundation will match donations 1:1.

Once signed up, donors will receive access to a personal dashboard detailing the tangible outputs associated with their donations. They’ll be rewarded with badges and will be able to share their chosen charities and personal impact directly to social media.

Dan Kwiatkowski, founder of Tythe says; “More and more of us are realising the urgent need to tackle the environmental crisis, but beyond changing our daily habits it’s hard to know how best to help. There are thousands of charities to consider supporting and understanding what they all do takes considerable research. On top of that, if you decide to support several organisations then you’re left to juggle multiple payments which becomes a chore. Our goal with Tythe is to make it easy and rewarding to support the cause in the most effective way possible.”

The new platform is being incubated by The EQ Foundation, the creators of Giving is Great. Its founder, John Spiers, says: “We have been delighted to support Tythe in its quest to make donating more meaningful for people who want to help protect our planet and lack the resources to research for the most impactful causes. More than 75% of all voluntary income is generated by just 2% of charities – typically the ones that can afford national promotional campaigns. The Tythe portfolio has been selected on the basis of impact, not marketing footprint.”

To try out Tythe, go to where you can choose from two levels of subscription: £7.99/month (the cost of Amazon Prime) or £24.99/month (1% of the average UK salary). Every penny of your subscription goes to your chosen charities, and you can cancel at any time if you decide it’s not for you.

Tythe will be featured in the upcoming launch of Better Giving Studio, a project from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation showcasing innovative digital solutions across the giving marketplace. An experiment the Gates Foundation participated in showed that donations increased by 17% when charities were presented to donors as an expert-curated collection or “GiveList”, vs a generic choice of charities.

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