New Social Impact Platform Inventshift Launched

Inventshift is a newly launched online platform which is a global resource for both suppliers and consumers of positive impact services.

The new site has interviewed over 35 global social entrepreneurs for the site, including Project Rockit, The Canvas Cafe and Plastic Whale helping to make it one of the best respurces for information of this kind.

Inventshift tell us:

​”Social enterprise. It’s a word that some people have heard about, but not many understand.

After hearing about social enterprise in Australia a few years back, we decided that the world needed to know more about this new way of doing business. So this year, we launched Inventshift; a new online platform that is a global resource for both suppliers and consumers of positive impact services. But we didn’t stop there – we wanted to build the largest knowledge base about social entrepreneurship, in order to inspire others. 

The site currently has over 1100 businesses from 20 major cities around the world signed up on the platform , and this is just te beginning, by 2022 it’s creators hope that Inventsift will be active in every country worldwide.

Inventshift say:

“We accept all kinds of businesses onto the platform; so everyone has the chance to contribute to a better society. For the first time, both suppliers and consumers don’t have to go the extra mile to do good – they can do so just with a click of a button – to sell and buy through Inventshift.  For every booking completed through our marketplace, we donate 5% to our social good fund, called The Inventshift Fund.

On our marketplace you can book a range of services; including catering, photography, coffee carts and musicians. We’re expanding all the time; so any service-based business can apply to join the site, it’s absolutely free. As a consumer, if you’re looking to purchase services for an event you can book instantly or receive multiple quotes. We’re passionate about showcasing positive impact as we are a social enterprise ourselves. Charities can apply to get financial support from our Inventshift Fund, and we’ve already been in touch with some fantastic charities, such as Friends of Buburi, who help women in Kenya give birth safely, and RED International, who are improving literacy in rural Bangladesh. 

It’s always good to support new enterprises, so take a look and see if it’s for you.



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