New tech-powered service unlocks Parliament for smaller charities

On February 7th, 2023, a new political intelligence tool is being launched aimed at democratising lobbying in the UK. PolicyInfluence is the latest tool released by tech-powered political monitoring and information service, PolicyMogul, an online platform that delivers real-time updates on UK policymaking curated by topic area. With the launch of PolicyInfluence, charities and other organisations will have the opportunity for the first time, and for free, to have their voices heard without inundating MPs with emails. 

PolicyInfluence will enable organisations to quickly identify parliamentarians and other stakeholders working in their field of interest, connect with others focussed on similar issues and submit research and campaign material directly to those working on government policy. 

Users can submit their research and campaign materials directly to stakeholders via access to PolicyMogul’s network of parliamentary subscribers who already use PolicyInfluence to source background materials relevant to their fields of interest. The valuable network of parliamentarians and their staff currently stands at over 450 users and is growing rapidly. 

Until now, MPs and peers have received huge numbers of unsolicited emails – many of which are simply not read in time. PolicyInfluence allows organisations to upload their policy asks, briefing material or news releases. Parliamentarians can then view the material based on their known interests, positions, or upcoming events in Parliament. By not sending them emails directly, the quality of the ‘lobbying’ will be significantly boosted. 

Elliot Robinson, Founder and CEO of political information platform PolicyMogul, explains, “Our mission is to use technology to increase access and transparency around political activity. PolicyInfluence is a new alternative to other methods of lobbying and opens up Parliament to smaller organisations that might want to influence policymakers but may feel excluded or not know where to start. Our exciting new service is free for all users, so influencing policy is no longer open only to those with deep pockets.”

PolicyMogul has already ripped up the existing model of political monitoring by offering a more comprehensive and real-time service than any other provider in the industry. Their suite of tools aids engagement with policymakers by providing live parliamentary alerts and monitoring, stakeholder mapping by influence and interest, and political data analysis. The new service, PolicyInfluence, will also enable campaigners and those in public affairs roles to navigate politics and connect to stakeholders in their areas of interest to help shape effective and representative government policy.

Accessing real-time information collated by interest area can save campaigners significant time that might otherwise be spent monitoring sources such as Hansard, which only presents information retrospectively. PolicyMogul client Michael Pooley, Managing Partner at Blakeney, commented, “The range of sources is a great aspect of PolicyMogul and specifically having access to news earlier than we would have from other sources has been very helpful on several occasions. It adds value to our experience and the work we do for our clients.”

Since PolicyMogul launched in 2018, hundreds of organisations and parliamentarians have signed up for their services, including Make UK, the University of Warwick, Breast Cancer UK, FOUR PAWS, and many others. 

To sign up for PolicyInfluence, free of charge, visit from February 7th, 2023.

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