NSC Partners with Youturn Health, Resilience Capital Index to Improve Employee Wellbeing

The National Safety Council announced a partnership with Youturn Health and the Resilience Capital Index to create a comprehensive solution that provides a complete picture of worker resilience and overall wellbeing.

As the U.S. economy rebuilds from the COVID-19 pandemic, employees have increasingly demanded employers provide a “psychologically safe” work environment that supports their wellbeing. This means business leaders are faced with a growing need for programs and resources to address topics like stress, burnout, depression, anxiety, substance misuse and suicidal ideation.

“Now more than ever, organizations are looking for ways to create a supportive, psychologically safe environment for their employees,” said Jenny M. Burke, vice president, impairment practice at the National Safety Council. “This program gives employers a comprehensive strategy to create a workplace culture that shows they care deeply about employees and their families.”

The formal offering provides supervisor training on impairment in the workplace, as well as educational tools and resources through NSC for key stakeholders within an organization. NSC has long supported and enabled employers who seek to create a culture of safety on and off the job. Their tools and resources include Substance Use and Mental Health cost calculators, which help businesses identify ways their employees and businesses are impacted by these issues, as well as an opioids at work employer toolkit, with resources for human resources, safety professionals and managers to help operationalize workplace supports. 

When a company implements this program, employees have access to Youturn Health’s virtual program designed to help individuals and their family members struggling with stress, mental health, substance use and/or suicidal ideation. Support includes access to an online library of educational videos that provide insight about mental health and substance misuse, a care management platform that provides a secure way to communicate with health professionals while streamlining suicidal and substance use risk analysis, and peer coaches with lived experience who can connect employees with appropriate community resources.

Program success will be measured using the Resilience Capital Index, which is a multidimensional tool to measure an employees’ social, environmental and behavioral wellbeing over time. Results are anonymous but will help guide the individual and employer on what is working for their employees.

“Employers are in a unique position to help destigmatize topics like mental health and substance misuse among their employees by providing tools and support to address their struggles in a meaningful way,” said Hamilton Baiden, CEO of Youturn Health. “Besides it just being the right thing to do, employers incur substantial cost due to absenteeism, increased healthcare costs and lost productivity relating to substance misuse and mental health. Our partnership and program will help address all of this.”

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