Online Community Championing the Voice of Womxn Launches Campaign in an Attempt to Change the World

Harness has launched its first-ever Kickstarter Campaign in an effort to continue growing the online platform to better support both readers and contributors with the goal of inspiring, empowering and connecting women across the globe.

With this campaign, Harness will open the Member’s Lounge, a premium online content portal where women can access educational resources, view exclusive artwork and connect in real time with one another. Harness plans to expand gathering offerings across the nation to offer events like tie-dye parties and mental health summits that uplift and connect women in real life. Additionally, the funds will be utilized to grow its Handpicked by Harness shop which curates and celebrates small missiondriven businesses.                            

Harness has created a media revolution. Ashley Rector, a full-time attorney and soon to be mother, saw a need in the media landscape for real, raw and authentic stories from women about their day-to-day life. She wanted to create a space to foster empowerment and connection. Out of that passion, Harness was born.

Harness has evolved over the last two and a half years to become an all-encompassing community. Digital content is published daily in addition to a print magazine that is published four times a year. In addition, Harness has recently introduced a curated marketplace called Handpicked by Harness and opened up the Harness Talent Network, which connects Harness contributors with companies looking to hire writers.

Harness believes every voice matters. It is for womxn from all races, backgrounds, shapes, sizes, ages (18 years and older). Harness welcomes the LGBTQ+ community with open arms and anyone who identifies as female can submit to be published.

Every dollar pledged goes toward making sure an article will get all the love it needs to thrive. Editorial support to make it read perfectly, graphic-design support to make sure it’s beautifully illustrated on the page, and social support to get it out in front of legions of readers.

Harness is offering rewards to campaign contributors like merchandise from female brand collaborations such as Ryan Porter and Nicole Goldfarb which will be exclusive to the campaign. Campaign contributors will also receive a free inspirational digital download with every pledge.

One of the platform’s goals is to empower and inspire people, regardless of their socioeconomic background. Support doesn’t have to equate to a financial contribution. Helping to share the mission and campaign is support enough. Anyone who shares the campaign is invited to email to be added to a list of supporters who will receive the inspirational digital download. 

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