OUTFRONT Media Showcases Messages of Warning From The Women’s Fund Miami-Dade to Raise Awareness of Human Trafficking

OUTFRONT Media Inc. have announced a collaboration with The Women’s Fund Miami-Dade to spark conversations and bring attention to human trafficking in the Miami community during and beyond National Human Trafficking Month.

During the months of January and February, bold messaging from The Women’s Fund Miami-Dade featuring thought-provoking statements, including “STOLEN FOR SEX. This Could Be Your Daughter.” will be displayed throughout Miami-Dade County, which leads human trafficking in Florida. The messages will appear across Miami on OUTFRONT billboards, bus shelters, the Beach Exclusive bus, and the Metrorail, including the interior of rail cars and two sheet posters across six Miami Metrorail stations.

“We need to bring awareness to this ongoing and critical issue through confronting images because too often, we become desensitized and lose sight of the change we can create,” said Kathy Andersen, Executive Director of The Women’s Fund Miami-Dade. “OUTFRONT has helped craft a strategy for our campaign which allows our message to reach tens of thousands of people—from victims experiencing trafficking to those who can expose it.”

In order to increase awareness, reach, frequency and engagement of the campaign, OUTFRONT devised a campaign strategy that leveraged its signature geofencing technology to ensure maximum exposure for the signs and information around human trafficking. The geofencing technology facilitates a multi-touch experience by displaying mobile ads with actionable information about human trafficking to local residents and visitors who have been within close proximity to a billboard and bus advertisements.

The combination of billboards and mobile is a proven success: according to Neuro-Insight Market Research, individuals are 48 percent more likely to click an ad on their mobile device when they’ve seen it on an out-of-home billboard. This allows OUTFRONT Mobile to connect the physical and digital world with an  average 30 percent higher click through rate and 60 percent higher secondary action rate than mobile-alone campaigns.*

“We believe in initiatives that bring awareness to important issues, and are passionate about putting out-of-home strategies into play for campaigns that can truly make a difference in their community,” said Jodi Senese, Chief Marketing Officer at OUTFRONT Media. “We have worked with The Women’s Fund Miami-Dade on a number of campaigns with the mission to inform communities of serious, sometimes overlooked, problems. By leveraging the mobile functionality on top of our premier traditional out-of-home assets and tactics, we hope to help confront as many consumers as possible with The Women’s Fund’s powerful messages on human trafficking awareness.”

Beginning in October 2018, OUTFRONT Media has been working with The Women’s Fund Miami-Dade to shed light on a variety of urgent issues including domestic violence, hunger and homelessness, and suicide prevention. OUTFRONT Media recognizes that it has a valuable platform for sharing critical messages that affect the entire country and will continue to team up with organizations and brands with the mission to create positive change in America throughout 2019.

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