PATHWATER to Replace Single-Use Plastic Bottled Water at Intuit

PATHWATER, the first purified water in an infinitely reusable and recyclable aluminum bottle, has partnered with global business and financial software company, Intuit, in support of the company’s mission to reduce single-use plastic waste. PATHWATER’s custom branded bottles will be offered as a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bottled water at many of Intuit’s sites in the United States and Canada.

“We could no longer support the wasteful sale of thousands of plastic water bottles a day, and once we decided to reduce single-use plastics, we sought out PATHWATER as a partner to offer a 100% recyclable and refillable bottled water alternative,” said Sean Kinghorn, Global Sustainability Leader of Intuit. “PATHWATER has devised a solution for tackling the global epidemic of single-use plastic water bottles, and their competitive price point, premium reusable packaging, and responsibly-sourced water, make them the ideal partner on our journey to a zero waste campus.”

Intuit employees will be supported with a “Choose to REUSE” internal campaign encouraging them to refill PATHWATER and other reusable bottles at work. Ranked no. 1 on Forbes’ “The Future 50 Sustainability All Stars,” Intuit has been carbon neutral since 2015.

“With innovation and sustainability at PATHWATER’s core, our work at Intuit couldn’t be more in line with our brand values,” said Shadi Bakour, CEO and Co-Founder of PATHWATER. “As they’re looking to lessen their single-use plastic waste, we’re perfectly poised to plug into the corporation and offer them a uniquely custom, fully sustainable alternative, at a fraction of the cost.”

PATHWATER bottles are aluminum, which is the only material that offers 100 percent endless recyclability, as long as it’s put back into the recycling system. Moreover, 75 percent of all aluminum ever produced is still actively in use today.

Intuit offices are equipped with filtered water dispensers at all sites, making it easy for everyone to reuse their bottles and shift away from single-use plastic. When reused just three times PATHWATER becomes carbon neutral, after four reuses it offers a benefit to the planet. Most people reuse their bottles more than 10 times.

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