Payroll Giving Week grows in 2022

With large and small charities taking part, alongside partners such as the Chartered Institute of Fundraising, Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals, Professional Fundraising Organisations, the Association of Payroll Giving Organisations and Payroll Giving Agencies, the second National Payroll Giving Week in February raised awareness across the charity sector and wider about the benefits of donating through this easy, tax-efficient method.

The week engaged partners, corporates, and donors to highlight the impact and importance of donating to a charity of choice through your salary, and the week saw an incredible 87% increase in donors signing up to give, when compared to the same period in 2021.  

This increase, plus the amazing contribution to the sector from Payroll Giving donors collectively, means that via the three largest Payroll Giving Agencies (Charities Aid Foundation, Charities Trust, and Charitable Giving) a total of £23,741,994.58 was donated to charities in March and April 2022.

Since the launch of Payroll Giving, over 1 million people each year donate to charities through their pay and together they have raised over£2 billion for good causes. The National Payroll Giving Week was developed by members of the Payroll Giving Forum – a collective group of charities who run successful Payroll Giving schemes.

Terry Stokes, Head of Payroll Giving, Barnardo’s said: “Payroll Giving offers a vital source of income to Barnardo’s. Our services are facing even greater demand against a backdrop of a significant reduction in income during and post-Covid. These same pressures apply for numerous charities which is why we are supporting Payroll Giving Week. This week has helped to raise the profile of this tax-efficient method of giving, vital to many charities and causes during these unprecedented times.” 

Caroline Gaskin, Development Manager, Together for Animals said: “Payroll Giving provides Together For Animals with a vital regular source of income, allowing us to provide lifesaving care for animals desperately in need. As a small charity, we see Payroll Giving as our key source of income. We’re delighted to see the impact Payroll Giving Week has had across the sector, as it supports us – and so many animals in need – each year.”

Mervi Slade, Product & Programme Manager – Payroll Giving, Cancer Research UK said: “Payroll Giving is a great way to support a charity of your choice. During the pandemic it has provided a steady, regular source of income for Cancer Research UK as well as for many other charities. It has been great to see so many charities get involved in Payroll Giving week in 2022 and we hope to see many more charities and employers involved in 2023.”

For more information about Payroll Giving week visit the website:

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