Plan International Sweden urged women worldwide to be #absentforgirls on May 28th

On Menstrual Hygiene Day, Monday May 28th, Plan International Sweden highlighted the fact that millions of girls cannot go to school during their periods. Plan urged women worldwide to be #absentforgirls in social media as an act of solidarity. They asked the public to Share the above image on May 28th and explain why they will be absent from social media during this day:

Today, on Menstrual Hygiene Day, I am  #absentforgirls as an act of solidarity with the millions of girls who are forced to stay home from school today because they have their period. It is time to break the taboo and put periods and menstrual hygiene on the political agenda as a key issue for girls’ rights.

Plan told us why they feel this is important?

Periods are a universal fact of life wherever you live. But so is the stigma and shame that comes with them. From not having access to safe sanitary products or toilets, to lacking basic knowledge about periods, a culture of taboo is having a negative impact on the lives of girls  around the world. And the impact can be devastating. In many countries the barriers girls face when they have their periods stops them from accessing their rights, going to school and participating in society. In some countries girls are even banished from their homes. In others they are considered ready to marry and have children when they have their first period, even if they are only 10 or 11 years old.


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