Post Office partners with Trussell Trust to help stop UK hunger and poverty

Post Office is supporting people who may face poverty this winter by donating 1p to the Trussell Trust for every cash withdrawal made over the counter in any of its 11,500 branches. This donation will help to provide vital services such as food bank provisions and financial guidance to help families reduce the impact of increasing household bills and unexpected costs this winter. With over 1.5m over the counter cash withdrawals every week, Post Office hopes to raise £250,000.

More than 14m people in the UK live in poverty, including 4.5m children and for many of these people, the cost of living is unaffordable. At a time when energy prices are rising and supply chains are under increased pressure, for some, an unexpected illness or job loss can turn a bad situation into a financial crisis.   

The Trussell Trust supports a nationwide network of over 1,300 food bank centres and together they provide emergency food parcels to people locked into poverty and campaign for change to end the need for food banks in the UK.

From today, anyone who uses cash withdrawal services over the counter at Post Office can help to make a big difference to individuals and families who may be facing impossible decisions, like switching on the heating or putting food on the table this winter. 

Nick Read, Post Office Chief Executive, said:  

“This can be an incredibly difficult time of year for many people who are struggling to make ends meet and facing impossible financial decisions. We believe that no one should have to choose between heating and eating this winter and that’s why we’re extremely proud to partner with the Trussell Trust. By withdrawing cash at a Post Office counter at any of our 11,500 branches for free rather than using a cashpoint, we’re hoping to raise £250,000 to help the Trussell Trust fight poverty and hunger.”

Leslie Francis, Postmistress in Enham Alamein said:  

“As a business owner in a local community, I can see for myself the difference that charities like the Trussell Trust can make to customers who sometimes have to decide between food for their table and other household essentials like toiletries.  This cause is close to my heart because I work closely with the Trussell Trust providing a food collection point where customers can drop off goods for my local food bank. I’m delighted that I can make even more of a difference by encouraging customers to use cash withdrawal services at my branch. Withdrawing cash at your local Post Office this winter not only supports local businesses like mine, it also helps those who need it in your community too.” 

Emma Revie, Chief Executive of the Trussell Trust, said

“Over the last five years, we’ve seen more and more people struggling to afford the basics such as food, heating and other essential items and being forced to use food banks to get by. This December, food banks in the Trussell Trust network face providing more than 7,000 food parcels every day, and we know that the vast majority of this support will be provided for people who are living in destitution – meaning they are unable to afford the essentials to eat, stay warm, dry and clean.

“This isn’t right and too many people will face impossible decisions this winter – like whether to switch on the heating or cook hot food. But together we know that change is possible. That’s why we’re so grateful to have the support of the Post Office and Postmasters up and down the country to help ensure that people in crisis can continue to access emergency food this winter and beyond, whilst also supporting our long-term work towards building a future where everyone in the UK is able to afford the essentials.”

Post Office will be donating 1p for every cash withdrawal to the Trussell Trust from 29 November until 31st March 2022. To find your local branch, please visit:

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