#PuppyBra: Instagram Models Go Topless for Rescue Dogs!

Mowgli Rescue launches a very millennial-driven social media campaign this week to promote their recent rescued dogs for adoption…which happens to entail Instagram models replacing their typical bras for, well, puppy bras.

Mowgli Rescue is a non-profit, which was founded in 2016 by entrepreneur, animal rights activist, and former model Stephanie Kay Meyer, and works to inspire millennials to conserve, protect, and promote animal welfare. Meyer says that the majority of her organization’s supporters are young women in California and New York – mostly models, actors, photographers, artists, entrepreneurs, and social media celebrities. 

“I could not operate this non-profit without the help of these amazing young adults within my community. It has been really cool to watch how optimizing our social media platforms have carried the entire organization’s efforts. About 80% of my fosters, adopters, supporting brands, and opportunities come through Gen-Y reaching out and wanting to be involved through Instagram. And that is what Mowgli Rescue is really about – promoting the importance of animal welfare and rescuing animals to the next generation of pet owners, policy makers, and leaders.”

Meyer sees the value in social media so much that she thought to use it for her 2017 campaign strategy by teaming up with other optimistic young women, including photographer Frankie Mark (published in Vogue Italia and C-Heads Magazine) and model Destiny DeLisio, co-founder of Models of Compassion, to produce a social media campaign that includes over 30 female influencers posing topless with rescued dogs who need homes – hence, the #puppybra.

Meyer says, “Instagram models can sometimes receive negative feedback from the public for not being positive role models, so I thought this is the perfect opportunity to show how these young women can still be fun and flirty, while also promoting positivity at the same time.”

Check out the #puppybra hashtag trending on Instagram here!
Produced by Capri Creative and Freeborn Productions

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