Samsung and Leo Burnett try to help Teenagers Understand The Importance Of Following Their Dreams.

In Europe 60% of students don’t go to university after high school. Samsung is involved with educational projects in schools in more than 20 countries and want to make teenagers think about the importance of continuing to study and following their dreams. That’s why Samsung and Leo Burnett devised a social experiment which has never been done before.

The protagonist is Michael, a 19 year old boy who has just graduated and who is fairly sure about going to work with his dad renouncing to his dream to become a doctor. In fact he is a bit scared/worried from all the years of studing and he fears he’s not good enough.

It was decided to make him live an experience he’ll never forget, The Impossible Talk: for the first time a teenager was given the possibility to meet his future self.

Through a wide casting it was found an actor that would look like Michael in 40 years. He played the role of a doctor in a fake interview, this was shown to Michael and then they were made to meet.

The doctor explained all the difficulties of his job, like all the years spent studying. But, above all, he explained how much he loves it and that he would done the same if given the choice all over again.

Michael was deeply moved by the encounter with his future self. Thanks to Samsung he opened his eyes on what his future could be, he understood the importance of beliving in himself, because this is the first step to make his dreams come true.

The social experiment made by Leo Burnett commits to Samsung vision that is inspiring people to create their future. It is one of many others projects of Corporate Citizenship that the brand is developping with the agency.

Leo Burnett Executive Creative Director, Francesco Bozza:

“The Impossible Talk is a social experiment that focuses on a very important and sensitive topic for young people: the importance of continuing to study to realize one’s dreams.

We thought that giving a teenager the opportunity to meet his successful future self was the most emotional and effective way to make him understand that life is just a matter of determination. Despite all the difficulties. And that dreams only become a reality when you start believing in yourself.

The Impossible Talk perfectly matches Samsung vision of “inspiring people to create their future” and it represents the brand’s extra care towards young people; in fact, Samsung is still engaged with educational projects in more than 20 countries in Europe.”

The project, with the executive creative direction of Francesco Bozza and Alessandro Antonini, was developed with Bedeschi production while the director is Andrea Cecchi.



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