Sara Cox hosts tough new game show Would You Rather… but all is not as it seems

While you might be wondering whether to eat that third mince pie or not, homeless young people are grappling with potentially life-or-death situations. 

Do they choose a night on the streets? Stay with a violent family member? Or share a bed with a stranger?

Young people are having to make these choices as they navigate the festive season without a safe place to call home. Charity Centrepoint has released a new video highlighting some of the decisions young people on the street feel forced to make.

“All the cruel options the young girl has to choose from in this video are based on real events. I wanted to take part in this project to help people understand just how difficult life is for these young people and how they really need our support,” says gameshow host and Centrepoint ambassador Sara Cox.

“The stats show almost half, 44%, of homeless young people have stayed in ‘insecure’ places like on the street, cars and even tents. It’s so cold out, I can’t imagine how scary and awful that must be.”

This Christmas, 16,000 young people will be at risk of homelessness and Would You Rather… aims to highlight the dangerous decisions they face. 

“We’re facing a crisis when it comes to youth homelessness.  Young people not much older than many of our children and grandchildren are being confronted with impossible choices that no one should have to make,” says Seyi Obakin, Centrepoint’s CEO.


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