SEPHORA Canada Strengthens Its Commitment To Inclusivity With The Launch Of Its New We Belong To Something Beautiful Campaign

SEPHORA Canada champions diversity and inclusion within the beauty community through the launch of its We Belong To Something Beautiful campaign. The campaign is rooted in inspiring local stories that celebrate the diversity and belonging of all Canadians, highlighting that there is no singular expression of beauty.

We Belong To Something Beautiful is a fully integrated, multi-chapter campaign unfolding nation-wide this summer, and continues the impactful storyline introduced in 2018 through the #WITHSEPHORA campaign. It features local collaborators from Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver – the latter being new to this year’s program.

“Inclusion is at the core of our new campaign as we embrace and honour the personal journey of each collaborator” says Deborah Neff, SEPHORA Canada’s Vice President of Marketing. “It was important for us to bring to the forefront authentic stories that will spark dialogue and open up the definition of beauty for Canadians, because at SEPHORA, we believe that beauty is living your truth. We hope to inspire and drive change as we look to celebrate our differences that make us so uniquely and unapologetically Canadian.”

Through both national and hyper-local executions, SEPHORA Canada is featuring eleven Canadian collaborators at the forefront of this campaign. The first group of four collaborators share a rich set of stories that are grounded in feeling included and beautiful in today’s society. They look to open the door for others to do the same and discover their own definition of beauty, because ‘no matter our differences we all belong, just the way we are’. The second set of collaborators and their stories will be unveiled in August 2019 alongside a complementary theme.

We Belong To Something Beautiful, created in partnership with Toronto-based advertising agency VIRTUE Worldwide, kicks off with an anthem video that brings to life the overarching sentiment and tone of the two chapters. Chapter videos and campaign assets will be featured on billboards, transit stations, cinema and shelters, social media and experiential channels across urban centers. Expanding awareness further, the campaign will be featured on TV – a first for the brand. To drive consumer conversation, each collaborator’s story will be teased out through the SEPHORA Canada social channels, inviting the online community get involved and do the same.

SEPHORA’s purpose has long been to inspire fearlessness and cultivate an inclusive community. Along with the We Belong To Something Beautiful campaign, SEPHORA Canada recently launched Classes for Confidence – an initiative directed to empowering communities in transition through informative beauty classes.

SEPHORA Canada strives to create a space where diversity is celebrated, and self-expression is honoured, because ‘you are the epitome of beauty and beauty is you’.

Sephora invites Canadians to celebrate their unique beauty and join the conversation by using the hashtag #SephoraWeBelong / #Sephoratousunis and follow the collaborators’ stories on Instagram (@sephoracanada) and on the campaign-dedicated YouTube channel:


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