Seventh Generation Partners With PERIOD on #NationalPeriodDay

 Seventh Generation, a leading household and personal care products company and a pioneer in the eco-friendly products space, is partnering with PERIOD, a non-profit working to end period poverty and period stigma, on the first-ever National Period Day, Saturday, October 19. Youth activists nationwide will rally across all 50 states to raise awareness for the issue of period poverty, demanding clean and healthy period products to be freely accessible in schools, shelters, and prisons, and to call for eliminating the tampon tax.

To reinforce its mission to champion period equity, Seventh Generation has also announced a new charitable co-venture to support organizations, like PERIOD, working toward period equity. Across the brand’s full portfolio of period care products, including pads and tampons, 43 cents per package – representative of the average cost of the tampon tax in the United States – will be donated to organizations doing impactful work to reverse period inequity.¹

“Seventh Generation is committed to championing period equity through our products, our advocacy actions and our partners, and we’re proud to be driving this work forward in partnership with PERIOD,” said Ashley Orgain, Global Director of Advocacy and Sustainability at Seventh Generation. “At Seventh Generation, we believe access to period care products is a fundamental right, not a privilege. It’s our hope the action, support and conversation generated on National Period Day will be an incredible next step towards achieving menstrual equity for all.”

Beyond the tampon tax, there is a need for more programs to supply tampons and pads for populations that don’t have access to period care products. Seventh Generation believes all who menstruate should have access to green and clean period care options, which is why the brand’s tampons are made of 100 percent organic cotton and free of unnecessary fragrances and deodorants.

To bring further attention to the issue of period poverty, Seventh Generation and PERIOD released a PSA, SEE RED, which highlights the insight that if faces were bleeding, someone would do something to help. When blood is hidden, it’s much easier to ignore. Not having tampons and pads means not being able to go to school or work.

“I started this organization when I was 16 years old, and Seventh Generation was the first company to donate period care products for us to distribute to the homeless in Portland,” said Nadya Okamoto, Founder and Executive Director of PERIOD. “Five years later, now as the largest youth-run NGO in women’s health in the world, we’ve come full circle in our partnership and are together ready to make history in the menstrual movement as we fight for freely accessible period products for all and an end to the tampon tax.”

PERIOD’s expansive network of youth-run chapters, in partnership with Seventh Generation, will host rallies in all 50 states on October 19. To find the nearest rally, visit Join the conversation on social by using #NationalPeriodDay and tagging @periodmovement and @seventhgeneration to tell us why you fight to end period poverty.

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