Seventh Generation Advocates for Use of Recycled Toilet Paper Because It’s Not a Tree’s Duty to Wipe Your Booty

If every household in the United States replaced a four pack of 240 sheet virgin fiber toilet paper with recycled toilet paper (minimum 50% PCR), we could help save more than 740,000 trees. Seventh Generation, has launched a new campaign that helps bring this issue to light.

A comedic musical advertisement starring Maya Rudolph and a new character, Mike the Tree, brings awareness to the fact that people can make a big impact on the environment – and trees – by making a small switch to recycled toilet paper. Featured in the spot is an original song from Maya about Seventh Generation’s 100 Percent Recycled Paper Bath Tissue (minimum 50% PCR), the brand’s continued mission to nurture the health of the next seven generations and push to make every decision with people and planet health in mind.

According to the new report “The Issue With Tissue” from NRDC and, the average American uses three rolls of toilet paper a week – much of which is sourced from North American forests. The “tree-to-toilet pipeline” has devastating impacts for wildlife and the global climate. The report encourages the use of recycled toilet paper, grading Seventh Generation’s offerings an “A” in sustainability.

“Recent research shows that Americans are quite literally flushing forests away with the use of virgin toilet paper,” says Seventh Generation CEO Joey Bergstein. “We’re here to show people that small changes can have a big impact. This campaign is not just about toilet paper, but about the mission we’ve had since day one to protect our natural resources for the next generations.”

Seventh Generation 100% Recycled Paper Bath Tissue (minimum 50% PCR) is an extra strong and soft 2-ply toilet paper whitened without chlorine bleach. For more than thirty years, Seventh Generation has been thoughtfully formulating safe and effective plant-based products that work. Seventh Generation Free & Clear 100% recycled toilet paper and paper towels are made with no added dyes, inks, or fragrances.

The campaign includes a robust online presence and social media strategy along with targeted public relations efforts. Seventh Generation and Mike the Tree are also joining forces on March 20th at Grand Central Terminal in New York City for a Root-In to advocate for making the switch to recycled toilet paper, leading up to International Day of Forests on March 21st.

Join the conversation by following Mike the Tree at @MikeTheTree on Instagram and Twitter to learn more about the benefits of switching to recycled paper products or visit

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