Signia Hearing Aids And Mullenlowe Singapore Hit The Airwaves With Radio Campaign To Raise Awareness Of Hearing Loss

Global hearing aids manufacturer, Signia, has launched a radio campaign in collaboration with MullenLowe Singapore, in an effort to demonstrate the extent of undiagnosed hearing impairment in Singapore.

A 2017 study revealed that over 63% of the elderly above the age of 60 suffer from age-related hearing loss. However, most of them are unaware that they have issues, and consider their hearing to be normal.

Footsteps, approaching vehicles, and even the doorbell are some of the sounds that people with age-related hearing loss miss out on, which could be potentially dangerous. The campaign has been designed to bring this issue to light, and consequently encourage elderly Singaporeans to take action to seek help.

When age-related hearing loss occurs, high and medium pitched frequencies become inaudible. To make people aware of their hearing loss, Signia collaborated with MullenLoweto design three radio ads that work as hearing tests.

The three radio ads were engineered to incorporate frequencies, from 1500Hz to 8000Hz, into well-known tunes, ‘Auld Lang Syne’, ‘Wedding March’ and ‘Happy Birthday’.Peoplewho suffer from hearing loss would be unable to hear the whole complete tune.

The radio spot ends with the message,“If the music didn’t sound right, get your hearing checked.”

The campaign has been running since April 17, with the radio ads broadcasted on Spotify, local radio stations and across social media.

Daniel Kee, executive creative director at MullenLowe Singapore, commented, “The rates of hearing loss among the elderly in Singapore are high, and yet majority of these cases go undiagnosed. We spoke with a few professionals and realised that the reason was simply due to ignorance.

Hearing loss can reduce quality of life, cause isolation, and even depression if left undiagnosed. We realised there was a need to demonstrate the extent of this problem and encourage people to take action to resolve it.”added Ang Sheng Jin, executive creative director at MullenLowe Singapore.

ThiloHecth, head of marketing communication atSignia Hearing Aids (Sivantos) commented, “It is a huge issue when people are unaware they have hearing difficulties. Many do not consider using a hearing aid unless they have been diagnosed.

The team at MullenLowe Singapore team have designed these incredibly effective ads to help our target audience gain awareness of this issue and seek help, allowing them to improve their quality of life.

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