Social live streaming platform Yubo starts prompting teens to think twice before sharing inappropriate content

Yubo is taking action to prevent young people from sharing inappropriate content. 

Following recent high profile cases of celebrity ‘revenge porn’ scandals, Yubo  which has over 45m Gen Z users worldwide – is aiming to proactively educate young users on responsible and safe online behaviour, prompting them to think twice before they share. 

In a year that saw UK schools close their doors and social gatherings move to video platforms, Yubo has experienced huge growth over 2020. It saw its Gen Z user base increase to 45M, with livestream usage increasing by 550% globally as streamers spend an average of two hours on livestream. One live stream even topped 532 hours. In January specifically Yubo saw a +100% increase in time spent in livestreaming compared to December 2020. With this growth in online socialising booming amongst Gen Z globally, Yubo passionately believes that now more than ever social networks have a responsibility to protect, support and educate its user base. 

Yubo’s new feature has been developed to mold its users’ behaviour in the future. The new feature prevents the sharing of personal information or inappropriate messages or images by intervening in real-time. For example, if a user is about to share sensitive information, such as a personal number, address or even an inappropriate image they’ll receive a pop up from Yubo highlighting the dangers of sharing this information. The user will then have to confirm they want to proceed before they are allowed to do so. Additionally, if users attempt to share revealing images or an inappropriate request, Yubo will block that content from being shared with the intended recipient in real time.

Marc-Antoine, COO, said, “Today marks Safer Internet Day and at Yubo, we passionately believe in enabling Gen Z to make meaningful digital connections and friendships safely across the world. Now more than ever, this generation needs a space to safely connect with like minded people and experience social interaction online, when they are unable to do so in real life. However, it is our responsibility as a business to ensure that they are protected and educated on how to behave responsibly online, not just on Yubo, but on any social media or online forum. That is why we have introduced these new features and will continue to proactively work with our safety and moderation experts to ensure Yubo is a safe space to make new and meaningful connections.”

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